Sevana Petrosian Headshot

Sevana Petrosian is an entrepreneur and investor with a unique blend of innovation and passion for reshaping industries. Best known as the creative force behind SEV Laser, her influence reaches beyond medical spas. Since 2010, she has turned SEV Laser from a single salon in Glendale, CA into a leading chain, and her dedication to accessible elegance has driven numerous successful projects.

Her belief that success comes “By The Grace of God” encapsulates a life defined by resilience, quality, and empowerment. Sevana’s ventures demonstrate a consistent pursuit of excellence in wellness, aesthetics, or groundbreaking investments. As an investor, her insightful vision provides guidance and mentorship to emerging talents in various domains.

Sevana’s story transcends business; it’s a tribute to a life committed to inspiring others, promoting well-being, and bridging the gap between luxury and accessibility. SEV Laser’s 30 locations symbolize her passion, but her broader influence as an entrepreneur, innovator, and investor creates a new wave of thought leadership that goes beyond conventional limits.